“Ik heb alle autos voorzien van WRX 7.5W40 olie en van andere type Xenum olie voor de vernsellingsbakken. Nu na meer dan 6 maanden rijervaring kan ik zeggen dat alle autos soepeler en zuinger lopen. Ik heb..."

Konstantin Tourov

“I'm really happy regarding the xenum products. Since i first used it, i never used another oil brand."

Mac Chip

Highest Quality and Flexibility

"We are experts in what we do, and we love cars, motorbikes, boats and everything moving fast. Our passion and know-how, drives us to design and engineer the best products today’s technology can offer.
New generation engine oil

Superior Synthetics

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Xenum are top tier lubricants and ‘Techno-Chemicals’ for professionals. Our products are designed for cars, boats, motorbikes and heavy duty. Founded in 2005, we are growing fast in a very competitive market. Not easy, but… what separates us from our competitors?

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